Thursday, 18 December 2014

"The Best it's ever been, be this good again..."

I always look forward to end of year lists of friends records, especially friends who I don't see that often who may have discovered a gem that I may have missed.

I have decided to list my 10 fave musical recordings, my fave gigs, my fave wildlife sightings and places I visited this year.

Hands down my fave album of the year is...

Helen Chambers - Penny Arcade 


Closely followed by...

Young Conservatives - S/T

Prawn - Kingfisher

Failures Union - Tethering

Echo & The Bunnymen – Meteorites

Personal Best – The Lovin’

Protectors – Soul & Fire is all we ever need

Owen – Other peoples’ songs

Stay Clean Jolene – S/T

Dolly Parton – Blue Smoke

My fave gigs:

Out of Spite 2014
Echo & The Bunnymen - Oxford 
Gregory Porter - Brecon Jazz
Failures Union - Undertone Cardiff
Helen Chambers - Le Pub
Dolly Parton - St David's Hall Cardiff
Gregory Porter - St David's Hall
Echo & The Bunnymen - Cardiff Uni
Pale Angels & Luuv - Le pub
Thousand Arrows - Last Gig at Moon

My wildlife highlights:

Seeing Puffins, Seals, Dolphins, Porpoise, Peregrines, Guillemots, Razorbills, Wheatear, Red legged Partridge, Chough, at RSPB South Stack
Seeing my first Weasel crossing the road near Barmouth
Seeing Little Ringed Plover and Chicks at Parc Slip
Seeing my first dog otter at Hamwall 

My fave places I visited:

South Stack
Holyhead - Holy mountain
Lisbon - Staggersaurus Rex
Barmouth - Hendre Fechan Cottage 
Ham Wall & Shapwick Heath

Merry Chrimbo & Happy New Year 
One Love

Monday, 8 December 2014

Crudely Drawn Christmas

I have since my 100 bird year triumph, struggled to see many new species.

I recently went in search of Goshawks at Cwmcarn forest drive and failed miserably barring what we call a little bit of jizz, not enough to be sure.

I have sort of stuttered along still really enjoying what I do see regularly but not seeing anything new.

I also hit a bit of a wall creatively and stopped drawing for a bit too.

After a walk on the weekend in the beautiful winter sunshine I decided to commemorate the idyllic scene of a Robin having a little wash in a puddle after foraging for food on the muddy path.

I think what I need next from all the literature I have read is to get better at identifying birds by their song.

I have also been enjoying the newly renovated Eastern Prom at Barry Island, and think it would be a fab place for impromptu acoustic gigs...

I would love to have a beach hut

I also went to see my faves Echo & The Bunnymen with one of my oldest friends the enigma Gary Pliers in Cardiff. Another sterling set with all the hits.

I am really enjoying this record Kingfisher by Prawn which ties in nicely to the blog too.

"We are Old Souls, In New Skin"

I am very much looking forward to Out Of Spite Festival next week a long running Leeds DIY Punk Rock and craft Ale all-dayer featuring:

The newly reformed Milloy

Also Young conservatives who I am yet to see live and naturally pretty excited.

As well as Protectors who have a great new album out

And a new band called Stay Clean Jolene featuring members of the much loved Leif Ericsson & The Great St Louis

Creating Problems While Practising Solutions cover artStay Clean Jolene - Easy Target
Young Conservatives cover art