Tuesday, 17 January 2017

"All of my prophets were singers of sad songs..."

First new tick of the year in the bag within the first week, and my oh my was it a beauty! I've been wanting to see Waxwings for years. Not only are they absolutely captivating and stunning there is also an excellent band from the 90's  I absolutely loved by the same name (see One For the Ride and For Madmen Only). Also, they look pretty damn punk rock too!

Needless to say it was probably the most undignified bit of birding ever when they report came through via twitter that there was a small 'Museum of Waxwings" in the rowan trees outside KFC on Newport Road of all bloody places.

I sat in work crying into a cuppa knowing they would be gone by the time I could get away...

Luckily I managed to knock off a bit early and get there just in time to see them in all their glory before they vanished.

I can now finally dust off my RSPB Waxwing badge I have been avoiding wearing as I hadn't yet seen one.

There's an epic video of the occasion on YouTube here which isn't mine.