Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I wish I was a Tenenbaum

At the weekend, again in much need of friend therapy I headed to the Mumbles for my BFF Pugs birthday adventure.

We hit up our fave local spot Cafe Vallance for a romantic cheese & wine Brodeo.

Jamie and Miles met us after practice and Pugs' sister. I fell asleep drunk watching Mean Girls with Pugs and Jamie, standard.

It was awesome to get to see Batman again too.

In the morning we were meeting to go on an expedition to the Gower. Of course they were all on "Swansea time" so a 10 o'clock departure turned into midday after a Veggie sizzler at the White Rose.

We left the car and the stuff at Torbay, and headed off to the rendezvous at Mewslade bay. Mewslade is proper lush never been before, sea was proper choppy and full of jellies.

I was fully hoping to see Gower Chough for the first time, as I had heard they were in this area.

As we headed over the top there was lush views of a Kestrel hunting doing its classic wind hover.

Then I spotted 4/5 Chough foraging in the short turf again lush views.

As we headed off along the top there was a first for me, which I was pretty stoked with a Yellowhammer, although once common and present all year round I hadn't managed to see one until now, which tells me they are in decline sadly.

I drew this Yellowhammer when I got home to commemorate the sighting.

Three friends on a cliff

We stopped for the holy trinity of Chip Butty, Peanut butter Joe's Ice cream and Booze in Port
Eynon. I had a Black Dragon by Gwnt-y-Draig 7.2% bit rich for lunch time, but bloody lovely.

The inaugural shit punching contest took place back on the trail.

"Like that fella from the three rings!"

We headed on along the coast path towards Oxwich the path took in some sensational views and some stunning secluded cove that would be lush for wild swimming.

The final stretch was pretty killer through a large wood in search of Sasquatch. No sightings or scents of placenta unfortunately...

We got to the Oxwich Bay Hotel totally fucked, dogs barking bro one and all.

I had a pint of cloudy cider and then walked in the sea across the beach to Torbay to soothe my aching trots.

I hadn't been to Torbay before it was lush like the beach from Moonrise Kingdom!

We still had to walk to the car to get the gear too. Got the gear, set up a pretty sick camp on the beach.

Pugs set up a pretty sweet fire, whilst we got the BBQ's going, the wrongbow's started flowing.

We ate some BBQ, collected more wood, Rez cooked a Tadik in the fire a traditional Persian rice dish, we chatted shit and enjoyed the fire for a couple of hours then hit the hay, all pretty knackered from the walk.

A fantastic expedition

Awkward family portrait by Jamie Morrison

I look forward to the extended version in August.

City Bouys - Walk the Gower available soon on slashsquash records

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