Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fancy Sauce Friday

On Friday night I drove to gig for the first time ever, it was at my favourite venue in the world Le Pub, which is under threat of closure due to the premises being sold, do not fear they are already looking for new premises so we wait with baited breath...

Anyway the gig on Friday was one of my picks for best newcomer last year Hot Mass.

Support came in the form of KvsD who you can hear here: https://kvsd.bandcamp.com/releases

There was something very Wayne's World about the whole thing, but I enjoyed it thoroughly the drummer was hilarious like Peter Kaye, the wrestling mask was the end.

I fully supported the diy ethic of walking around the venue giving people stickers of ball bags and fancy sauce which will have pride of place on my fridge and selling demos which no one does anymore.

In the middle was People and Other Diseases, who I thoroughly enjoyed, elements of Wire, Gang of 4 with a dash of Sleaford Mods.


Hot Mass headlined they sounded awesome they covered Fugazi, Full Disclosure, which is no easy feat by any stretch. Control was my stand out track I love it!

If you haven't heard them check them out here: https://hotmass.bandcamp.com/album/flatman-2

Their debut album Nervous Tensions came out last year on Brassneck records it's awesome you can get it here: http://brassneckrecords.bigcartel.com/artist/hot-mass

They also had awesome t-shirts featuring an image of a feminist Science Icon! Punk points + for naming her? ...

Even better was the People and other diseases t-shirt which features Dorien from Birds of a Feather maximum punk points!

Superb night and I can remember everything from a gig for the first time ever, don't know what all the fuss is about I'll be driving to more gigs in the future if you need a ride bro X

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