Friday, 14 March 2014

Goodnight sweet princes...

A Thousand Arrows

The other night, one of my favourite UK bands of the past few years hung up their boots. I think I loved them so much because four people with often very different music tastes, but a shared common ground, and it was reflected in their sound. They take elements of At the Drive In, Refused, Quicksand, Helmet, yet when they play together, you can here all of their own individual influences, coming together to form their unique sound.

I have many fond memories of the band, namely playing with them/putting them on at Halloween, they dressed as Zombie Nurses, we played as dead sailors, our dear friends Attack Vipers! also played that night too.

Also playing travel scrabble on the way to support AC4 in Bristol.

Their last gig was at The Full Moon in Cardiff and they went out in style, I think Daf's writing style and guitar sound is also what gave them an edge.

Fave song on the night: Anchorite

If you haven't already check out their album Defaillance

They will be sorely missed. RIP ATA

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