Monday, 17 March 2014

Bikes, Birds Butties & Boots

Last weekend, after some words of wisdom from my spiritual shaman Rhodri Desmond Cording, I fixed my bike, a vintage Raleigh racer named Nancy (after Nancy from Oliver Twist) .

I took Nancy for a spin from the island to the Knap. As I crossed the old Harbour causeway (see Causeway rocks by Annalise) I stopped to have a look what birds were on the flats, as the tide was out. To my surprise, there was a lone, Little Egret foraging in one of the pools, I hadn't seen one there before.

I cycled down to the Knap sat at the lake and watched the ducks and swans for a bit. Then I sat on the pebble beach and listened to the waves crashing in for a bit.

When I got home, I decided to document the Little Egret sighting using Indian Ink.

My current listening has included: 


Also, the sun coming out has meant I have been flying my kite on the beach and I managed my first triple loop de loop, naturally I rewarded myself with a chip butty (sand optional).

Also, the sun coming out has meant busting out my fave desert boots

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