Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I LUUV Pale Ale-gels

On Friday, I met up with two of my olde butties, the enigma otherwise known as Pugs and Kev. Me and Pugs met in Cardiff straight after work, over a Barry Island IPA at the Duke of Wellington. We also sampled an Anchor Street Porter at the City Arms, which was delicious. We headed to Newport on the train I had an M&S Belgian Cherry Wheat beer which was excellent. We met Kev at the Olde Murenger House, one of the oldest and coolest pubs around. We opted firstly for a Extra Stout which is rich, thick and delicious. We also sampled an organic wheat beer and a scotch each.

Le pubs beer selection is pretty damn great now too. We had a Celt Golden Age and a Bushmill's chaser. I also over the course of the night sampled. Butty Bach from Wye Valley (See Iolo Williams State of Nature on Youtube), Welsh Pale Ale from the Kite brewery, probably my fave on the night so I stuck with that. We headed upstairs to watch the bands...

Luuv features an old friend and probably one of the best all round musicians South Wales has produced Sami Hunt. So I knew from the off, going from his previous pedigree (see Harbour, Night & the City of Broken promises..., The Keep, Bedford Falls, Blackbeard, Chain of Flowers, From This Moment on, Of Noble Blood and the list goes on) that I was probably going to "Luuv" them (pun master). 

I was not wrong they take me back to when I first got into music and first started going to Le pub actually, they have elements of Echo & the Bunnymen, Wire and Jesus and the Mary chain going on all good in my book. Bit of fuzz, grunge, indie and a bit of goth for good measure.

Pale Angels features another dear friend Jamie Morrison of The Arteries, Mike from Static Radio and on this tour, Reza from The Cutups on drums (Reza also played in Blackbeard for a while) Pale Angels play fuzzy grunge, are heavily influenced by the likes of Nirvana and Dinosaur Jnr. I've seen them twice now and they've been great both times check out their debut album Primal Play out now on Specialist Subject records, you can listen to it now on their bandcamp page.

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