Friday, 4 April 2014

South of Boredom

I went for an awesome walk at the weekend. I was hungover as shit after being out to see Pale Angels at Le pub the night before. I've been trying to tick off pieces of the Welsh Coastal Path. At the weekend I did Barry Island to Rhoose Point. 

I set off along the old harbour (the boat graveyard) saw this old wreck called Menace II Society (see movie of same name from the 90s) 

This is Watch tower bay just out towards the knap passed the old harbour, lush when the tide is out.

This is the Watchtower, my dream home, I found out this morning it went under auction last week and sold for £60k, which I would have paid in the blink of an eye, had I had it.

Some awesome distressed type at Cold Knap pumping Station, spoilt by shit graffiti.

A rather unusual but awesome plant on the path, sometimes the patterns in nature blow my tiny mind!

I love the coastal path markers too, however, sometimes they can be a bit tricky to find. This is one of my fave spots as the path climbs up from the Knap towards Porthkerry the views behind are stunning. I saw my first Dunnock on the path today.

Once you get to Porthkerry, after the golden stairs, saw my first Goldcrest on the golden stairs so it will always be a special spot for me; you drop down into Porthkerry Park a stunning park.

I stopped for lunch in Porthkerry park. I had a delicious flask of Festive Chai (note favourite Scrabble Flask) Cheese & Gherkin sangers, crisps, a granny smith apple and a cereal bar. As soon as I sat down for lunch Buzzards started circling overhead.

After Porthkerry as the path heads towards Rhoose there are some stunning views again. At one point there is a stile, leading to a small secluded pebble beach, perfect for naked wild swimming.

There is also this amazing sign about Bulwarks Camp an ancient Iron Age encampment.

When the path reaches Rhoose point you are officially at the Southern most point of mainland Wales which is amazing. They have reclaimed an old quarry and filled it in and put in some reed beds to attract wildlife. There were Mallards, Swans and a Little Grebe there that day but you can see Linnets, Peregrine, Ravens and Oyster-catchers.

There is a Welsh slate monument in a stone circle with a Celtic symbol to mark it being the Southern most point.

The sign marking the Southern most point of Wales Rhoose Point.

There is then a gap in the cliffs leading to another small secluded beach.

The final marker of the walk. Probably my favourite stretch so far such a nice surprise at the end.

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