Friday, 27 June 2014

Hardcore Bird Action

Young Conservatives cover art

"Images? The same. Ideas? The same. Footage? The same. Sales pitch? The same. They flash before the eyes; to hide."

The lyric pretty much describes how I have been feeling in recent years towards Hardcore. Nothing I hear really grabs me as it did before, maybe I am starting to show my age...

However, upon hearing some friends all from good breeding stock, (see Imbalance, The Horror, That F**king Tank!, Matadors and Magnificent) had formed a new hardcore punk band, I decided to give it a spin.

I wasn't disappointed, needless to say, Young Conservatives debut self titled EP harks back to a time when the lines between the two genres of Hardcore and Punk didn't really exist. 6 tracks all sub three minutes, balls to the wall, HC punk rock & roll. The music is great, but it's the vocals and lyrics that really do it for me. Political, intelligent, yet short, sharp and to the point. I love Andy's voice and I think it's what really gives YC an edge for me. You can hear the EP on bandcamp on the link below and preorder the vinyl too, I cannot wait to see them live.

"What do we stand for, what is it we stand against, why do we stand at all?
What do we believe, what is it we disbelieve, do we believe at all?"

I have also been back to see how the little ringed plovers are doing. I spent half an hour in the elevated hide, with my spiritual shaman Kes, staring at an empty scrape; not seeing anything, but a few gulls having a wash. I did however, spot my first Green Woodpecker.

After leaving the hide, walking along the path, Kes could hear the plovers calling, but couldn't see them, when a chick popped up from behind a verge, on the other side of the fence, merely tree feet in front of us. Followed soon after by an adult, calling and bobbing to one another all the time.

We also saw tiny frog-lets emerging as the rains set in. 

We also saw loads of birds with young chicks out and about. 

Including this Canada Geese creche family, who were soon spooked by some highland cattle grazing which the clearly thought were Bears or some other large predatory beasts.

I also took the opportunity to recapture one of my fave pics ever.

Insert Hardcore band bird puns below...

Crow Mag(pies)

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