Friday, 6 June 2014

Two little Gems...

Little Ringed Plover

I have been sworn to secrecy over the location, but I managed to see Little Ringed Plover for the first time last week. I also saw Mistle Thrush, Nuthatch, Red Kite, Jay, Coot with the cutest little chicks ever.

I also drew this Wren the other day which I am quite pleased with.

I also had a day volunteering at Hay festival with RSPB I didn't get to see much of the festival as I was busy giving out shots of Black Grouse Whiskey and selling raffle tickets. I did however, see War Horse as he passed right by our stand, I also saw three Red Kites, two Jays and raised £200 for RSPB restoring my well-being.

I am also currently loving the debut album from Helen Chambers - Penny Arcade. Any staunch advocates of the Coach house Acoustic Sessions may remember when she played at my house a while back. 

The album is a belter as expected. My fave track is Caravan, but I also love Paper & Glue. Also she is playing at Le pub Newport on the 13th of this month with Bedford Falls in support. The album is out now on Specialist Subject Records and is definitely my album of the month.


Here is a video from the aforementioned Helen Chambers Coach house session. I hope Helen doesn't mind me sharing it (backing vocals from Kelly Kemp) 
Get the album and get to the gig eh!

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