Friday, 21 February 2014

The C word...

Outlined below is after recent visit to a local hospital, names have been changed to protect identity and avoid legal ramifications, I feel I needed to vent about this experience and this seems like the best platform:

"I attended an appointment yesterday. I was seen by a senior nurse (Nurse A) who was very polite and professional throughout. 

Nurse A was the first female to inspect my condition. However, I then waited behind a screen with my trousers down for about fifteen minutes for a Dr to give an opinion on my condition, she was the second female to inspect my condition; they agreed I needed a biopsy as soon as possible; they would however, like to photograph before removal which I consented to; I then had to re-assume the position whilst a third female, photographer took pictures of my anus.

The Dr then left, leaving Nurse A to carry out the biopsy with the help of a second nurse, Nurse B the forth female to see my anus today so far, Nurse B removed the screen from around me in order to get the trolley closer, assuring me at least twice she had locked the door.

I was already very nervous as prior to arriving at the hospital today I had no idea whatsoever I had been referred as having a possible skin cancer, I thought I had piles. Nurse B then proceeded to inform Nurse A, she had no idea what she had done with the spoon scalpel, she wasn't sure whether it had fallen down the back of the trolley, on to the floor, or if she had put it in the waste thinking it was one she had used earlier. 

I can appreciate that there is a need to train nurses on the job, but she came across as clearly incapable, they are suppose to make the patient feel at ease, have a caring role to reduce stress on the patient. After the scalpel was located I resumed the position on the bed with my behind fully on show facing the door, no screen as Nurse B had removed it to get the trolley closer and assured me she had locked the door. 

Yet low and behold as soon as they started the procedure a third nurse Nurse C, the fifth female to see my anus today, walks into the room, without knocking with a patient, opening the door wide to the busy corridor. 

I am utterly disgusted with the incompetence shown by Nurse B, she apologised afterwards as did Nurse C, however I feel the experience has shattered any little faith I had in the medical profession. 

To top it all off, I have to return to the ward in three weeks, to find out if I have skin cancer, my only hope is that I only have to see or speak to Nurse A, and not show my anus to half the staff of the hospital and the occupants of the waiting room.

I really think you need to address the training needs and professionalism of some of the nursing team in this unit.

Thank you in advance

I have since, had the all clear you will be pleased to know. 

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