Monday, 16 March 2015

Building a nest

Things have been quiet here, as I haven't been out and about due to moving house.

I'm pretty settled now and have ventured out exploring my new/old surroundings

I went for a nice walk out through Crumlin park and down along the river Ebbw.

In the park in one tree I saw 3 Nuthatch, two Lt Tit, Blue, Tit and Coal tit.

As I passed under the railway towards the river I saw Great Tits

On the river I saw a pair of Grey Wagtails and a pair of Dippers

I also saw signs of Otter spraint which is very promising.

I saw at least two areas where a bird of prey had made a kill firstly a likely Blackbird and then a pigeon, I was hoping they may have been Goshawk, but I have since been informed by Kes more likely Sparrowhawk.

I had some of the best views of Goldcrest I have ever had and then even better views of Grey Wagtail pair from the bridge.

I'm hoping to get out a bit more over the coming weeks and hope to continue my search for the elusive Goshawk. I have heard that you can walk all the way to Ebbw Vale along the river which I definitely want to do.

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