Wednesday, 6 May 2015

120 Club bro

Due to unforeseen circumstances and not being one to air my dirty under crackers in the public domain, it has been decidedly quiet here of late.

But I'm back, do not fear.

At the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working at Machynlleth Comedy Festival for a third year. Since my first it has always been hotly anticipated, as one of the best weekends of the year, not only for the festival, but just visiting the place massively improves my well-being. I absolutely whole heartedly love Mach.

So many fond memories, my proudest sporting achievement - being crowned Mach Vols Lawn Bowls Champ. Visiting the Dyfi Osprey Project. This year I hoped to add to not only the trophy cabinet, but also the memory bank.

I was tech'ing at the Leisure Centre in a 50 seat room, which was above the swimming pool and bloody boiling. Almost everyone I worked with and for was amazing. Highlights for me were Nick Helm, Brett Goldstein and Mike Bubbins. Also, a zombie Puppet show for over 50 kids and parents, whilst in a particularly fragile state.

I also despite the weather got out for a few short walks taking in my favourite views of the town and festival from above following the footsteps of our one true prince.

On the way home I was lucky enough to get to visit a place of almost mythical prowess to me, I was unsure I would ever get to see for myself, Ynys-hir. I think I managed one of my best hours birding to date at 30 species in an hour, with one or two anomalies on top. Also, I finally got my 120th life list tick, which had been alluding me for a while, seeing my first Pied Flycatcher! The reserve was amazing and the resident artist's work in the visitor's centre was also amazing.

To have such an amazing weekend, even with the weather being poor, getting to make new friends, also made up for the fact I didn't get to defend my Bowls crown due to the rain.

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