Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Few and Far Between

I have been reading a fantastic book by Charlie Elder, called Few and Far Between. I was lucky enough to stumble across his first book While Flocks Last in a Charity Shop, where he aimed to see every UK bird species on the red list before it was too late, which I loved.

I had been hotly anticipating the release of the follow up, where he would go in search of some of our rarest animals including: mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and even fish.

I am not one for pre-ordering when it comes to books or even usually buying them new, unless of course it's Neil Gaiman. However, I had been having a pretty shitty time and decided I would treat myself to a brand new book, at full price to accompany me on the commute.

I like Charlie am fascinated by what makes us seek out the rare and exotic, I am utterly fascinated by all wildlife. The book visits some remote places I can only dream about seeing and he gets to tick off some dream species for any naturalist. The book is really well written, funny, moving at times and utterly compelling.

I don't want to give too much away about what he sees, as some of you may want to read it yourselves, but I am absolutely fascinated by Seahorses and would bloody love to see them in the wild. Also, there is something about the Scottish Wildcat, it's like our last link in the UK to a bygone era where truly wild animals roamed our forests.

If you like me are passionate about nature and in particular wildlife, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The jacket his bloody lovely illustrations too, although the book has made me hope I get to see some of these species, more than anything it has made me want to visit more of the incredible places this country has to offer.

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